Fund: Cutting-Edge Initiatives

See Forward believes in and supports organizations at the grassroots level that are building leaders, fostering movements and shifting grassroots political power.  We tackle the institutional disparities around wealth, resources and power, and cultivate opportunities for folks currently left out of the debate to have a seat at the table.  We take risks, find new leaders and work with organizations and funders to think smart and dream big.

Build: Grassroots Political Power

See Forward is currently supporting a new progressive electoral strategy to harness the potential of the new Rising Electorate.  This electorate, comprised of people of color in general; youth (18-29), especially youth of color and; unmarried women, especially unmarried women of color, has experienced an exponential growth in the past 10 years.  In the last decade, 92% of the net U.S. population growth came from people of color. 

The Rising Electorate represents the winning margin in an otherwise closely divided voting public.  New and innovative data resources and technology now exist to allow base building organizations to work in partnership with traditional statewide organizations and labor unions. Together, they target voters, track and mobilize support for policy change and collaborate to win on Election Day and beyond.

Founded in 2006, The See Forward Fund is a 501(C4) with offices in Northampton, Massachusetts.